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Your spacers enabled me to get far more comfort out of my Norman Hyde M Bars on my Triumph Legend TT, while maintaining a very stock/oem appearance that other spacer designs could not provide. I can’t ask for any more.  I am extremely happy with the spacers and the end result.

– B.R. – Wisconsin, USA   1999 Triumph Legend TT

I was using a 2×6 under the oil pan and never was comfortable. Just installed both the front and rear brackets. It works. Bike is solid on the lift now.

– R.L. California, USA  

Until now, I’ve been lifting from the sump and while moderately stable, I never really trusted it without also strapping the bike down. After jacking the rear up with the JBQ, it’s amazingly solid (and no straps). There’s no question the JBQ is a fine piece of engineering and getting it to fit on the various combinations of T-Birds and exhausts was certainly no mean feat. For anyone who works on their own bike, I think the JBQ is required equipment.

– A.T. – Pennsylvania USA – 2013 TB 1600

Thank you very much for coming up with this clever solution to the Thunderbird’s most obvious design flaw IMHO. I’ve always been frustrated by this issue and darn near got rid of the bike over it. I’ve been spoiled by a long line of center stand equipped easily jackable Honda standards and always found it inexcusable that a modern large cruiser would not have any sensible jacking provisions….especially for the front! Payment is on the way.

– R. K. Pennsylvania, USA – 2011 TB 1600

Thank you so much, Jack-Be-Quick is GREAT! It’s ironic to hear from you- I installed my JBQ today. The precision, powder coating, and fitment was incredible. And unless I’m lying on my back looking under my bike, they’re invisible. Not that I wouldn’t mind that people could see them- having the JBQ just makes me look smarter. And the printed instructions have so much detail, with the sizes of the wrenches and all. A person who doesn’t know anything about wrenching could accomplish this installation. I thank you once again.

– E.S. Georgia USA  

Jack-Be-Quick lifting brackets are GREAT!. I recently installed both the front and rear units on my 2013 ABS. I appreciate this so much. It alleviates the frustration of not having a simple way to jack up the bike.  I would never own a T-Bird without one! Bob was a pleasure to deal with.

– T. H. Florida USA  – 2013 Triumph  T-Bird 1600

“Installed my handlebar spacers last night and they fit, look, and feel great! Thanks!”

– D.H. Louisiana, USA 2000 – Triumph T-Bird

Received the Jack-Be-Quick kit last week after waiting what seemed ages for it to clear customs. Fitting took about 15 minutes without referring to instructions except to check on engine mount torque settings. Finally got my bike in the air using my standard bike jack at the back and a hydraulic car jack at the front. The kit is a snug fit, but slipped in fine. Communication with Bob at JBQ was excellent by the way. Looking at the road clearance, I would be on my arse by the time the brackets touch down! It is a godsend not to have to spend money I don’t have to at a dealer. I expect a lot of dealers don’t lift the bikes properly anyway judging by the slight scuffs on my silencers after the last tyre change.

-D.B. Kent, U.K.  

I ended up going with were the Jack-Be-Quick spacers that lift the bars up 1.25″, which was perfect because I really didn’t want to have to replace any cabling and wanted to keep expenses down. WOW! What a difference it makes. I’m not getting the fatigue and shoulder pain that I was before. The spacers were also originally designed for the 1600 T-Bird and not the LT, but they fit just fine directly on the triple tree and under that good looking single clamp that comes with the LT.

 -L.S. Washington USA 2014 T-Bird LT

I installed the brackets this week end. Instructions were clear and excellent. Used it immediately and changed my front tire. Great product, I will recommend it to others.  Great design idea. Thanks

-R.K. North Dakota USA – 2010 Thunderbird 1600

Just fitted the Cat bypass pipes on my 2010 Tbird 1700 with short TORS. What a difference! Great sound without being too anti social. Took about 1 1/2 hours and I was being really careful. Took the right muffler/footpeg support off when removing the Cat. Very easy job and very cost effective. Thanks JBQ!

– Frank M, Canada

Exhaust elbows have a very,VERY…. nice sound; words can’t explain that rumble…. I have two vee twins and this is completely different. Happy Fathers Day….. to me!

– P.T., California, USA

Completed the tire change yesterday. I can vouch for the Jack Be Quick system. I cannot imaging jacking up the Tbird without it. You are able to raise and lower the bike to align the wheels and axles and the bike is stable with no fear of disaster.

– TR. North Carolina USA

I installed the Cat Bypass pipes on the storm.  It came out absolutely perfect!  Nice low tone but not too loud.  Pipes went on easy.  I rode for about an hour and love them on the storm.  My butt Dyno tells me it is a little more responsive.  I am definitely going to gut the Cats on the Commander. have a great week!   

– Dave F, VA USA

“Bob at JBQ was a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend JBQ, especially the ‘lifting bracket’ for the Rocket III. The sump casting is not designed to take all that weight. Even using a piece of plywood to spread the load is not worth the risk. At best it may just crack the sump pan casting. At worst you could get a rapid catastrophic failure with the bike becoming unstable and falling over! I used my JBQ set-up last night…. It was so easy compared to what I had done previously…. The best part is that the JBQ bracket stays on the bike. You wouldn’t even know that it was there… Handy if you were away somewhere or stuck by the road side etc… A brilliant and simple, well made product! Thanks Bob.”

– Tony W. Australia

Bob’s service is the best I have experienced, and together with the use of the Forum PM system Bob always replied to any query via pm just about instantly and is always looking at different way of making it “The Best Bang for Ya Buck”  shopping experience. His Freight Delivery estimates are spot on. He said about 2 wks to Oz and it was exactly 14 days just about to the hour.  I thoroughly recommend the Jack Be Quick System. I know a good product when I see one.

Initially when you bought the system out I thought “Nah I don’t need one of those as I have the ATV lift that lifts on the Sump and the Meerkat System”. Then the “Light Bulb Moment” happened and it was quite simple. I need Jack Be Quick system so I can use the small scissor lift underneath the bike while it is up on the ramp. and the JBQ system sits neatly and unobtrusively up and out of the way. + God Forbid if I ever need to lift the bike on the open road somewhere then the JBQ will make life one hell of a lot easier.

– Gerry D, Australia

Wow! What a difference your spacers make ! Took me and my girl about 45 minutes to put them on this morning. Then we went for a nice ride. The combination of the spacers and a little more of an upward angle and my 2015 Triumph Thunderbird LT now is WAY more comfortable. Thanks for the quick replies and an awesome American made modification to the T-Bird.

– Bob W, NY USA


May I say how pleased I am with the parts I purchased from you. The Jack Be Quick lift brackets work like a dream and make lifting the LT so easy. At last keeping the whitewalls clean is a breeze! Also I can’t quite believe the difference the handlebar risers have made. Those and fitting the Utopia Products backrest have transformed my ride!   

 Steve P.,  Guernsey, UK;  T-Bird LT


I installed the spacers yesterday – it was pretty easy with my son helping.  I rode about 200 miles today and I couldn’t be happier – the bar height is much improved and the ride much more comfortable.  Thanks again.

David M. Nebraska USA


Today I finally mounted the spacers you sent me for my new Bonneville T120.  Perfect, simple assembly and now the height of the handlebar is really comfortable.
Atillio C. Italy
Just installed my Jack-Be-Quick on my 2008 Triumph R3T, wow! A years worth of anger and frustration gone. This makes oil changes so much easier. I’m going to work on other things I have been procrastinating on. Bought my Rocket a year ago in March 2018, this was a much needed improvement. Thanks!!!  Joseph L. Oklahoma USA
I fitted the spacers in my 2019 Triumph Speed Twin. Great product, easy to install and excellent customer service. Highly recommended if you want to raise the bars for a more comfortable riding experience.  Leo C.,  New York USA
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