If you are outside USA and purchase a JBQ lifting kit, it is often possible to add other smaller products at the USA prices as the added weight usually will not surpass the max weight of the overseas shipping price. Please inquire if this is of interest.


Rocket III / R3 Lifting BracketsJBQ-RKT-REAR 2

Fits Triumph Rocket III to allow you to safely and quickly lift the bike for routine cleaning & maintenance. Due to its location on the frame, one bracket can be used to lift both front and rear wheels or rear wheel only with a 2-rail motorcycle/ATV jack, depending on the positioning of the jack.

USA $110, Canada $145 Europe $165, Australia/NZ $175

Priority shipping included in price.

PLEASE specify Roadster or Touring/Classic so that the correct bracket is sent. Without this information, a delay in shipping will result.

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Handlebar Spacers 

1.25″+- height

     Polished  with 100MM bolts

(Touring only) ($42)


Check that your risers are 1.25″ (32MM) at the base.

$42 includes USA shipping:  Add $10 Canada; $17 for Europe, Australia & NZ

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Gearingo Gear indicator

JBQ is now offering the new “Gearingo” Gear Position Indicator. Unlike inferior indicators, with Gearingo your bike does not have to be in motion to display the gear selected. This comes into play when you make a sudden stop from high speed without the opportunity to downshift through all the gears. GIPro and others will not display the gear since it needs to compare RPM with the bike’s speed. Gearingo does since it gets it’s reading directly from the Gear Position Sensor that is built into the bike’s starting circuit; no movement is necessary. Gearingo is also able to display ambient temperature and available voltage. Others do not offer that feature. Gearingo is machined from aircraft quality aluminum and has a bright red LCD display plainly visible in daylight, yet not too bright for night riding. Gearingo will work with all modern Triumphs that have an OBDII connector and a gear position sensor. If you are unsure if your bike has a gear position sensor, please contact your local dealer’s parts department. Be prepared with your VIN.

Introductory price for Gearingo is $120 within the USA, and as usual, includes shipping. Add $17 for Europe, Australia & NZ 

Please contact us for where to purchase within Canada.

Please contact us for pricing to other countries.

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gearingo-1   gearingo-below-handlebar-mount-2gearingo-above-handlebar-mount      gearingo-2

Front & Rear Axle Drivers

Front-&-rear-axle-drivers-1The Jack-Be-Quick front and rear axle drivers fits all Hinckley Triumphs with 25 MM front axles that are not threaded in and 19 MM rear axles. They are machined specifically to fit your Triumph from 6061 aluminum so as not to damage your axles.

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Bearing Drivers

Bearing-driver-2The Jack-Be-Quick Bearing Driver installs your new bearings & seals. Notice the machined relief in the face of the bearing driver. It is designed to apply load only to the outer portion of the bearing, not the balls, avoiding the damage that can result from using sockets. It is machined specifically to fit your Triumph from 6061 aluminum so as not to damage your bearings or races.

Bearing driver with adapter 4

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