JBQ Handlebar Spacers

Jack-Be-Quick spacers ease your reach by providing a bit of rise and pullback to your handlebars.

If you do not see a size that fits your needs, custom spacers may also be available.*    Please feel free to inquire!

* Extra tall spacers may require rerouting or replacing wiring, cables & hoses.

Most spacers are available in four finishes; polished, brushed, bead blasted or powder coated matte black. **

**Thunderbird LT & Commander spacers are available only in polished or brushed finish.

**Custom spacers are available only in polished, brushed or bead blasted finish.

**Stock sizes (1.25″ D X 1.25″+- H; 1.25″ D X 7/8″+- H) are available in polished, brushed or matte black powder coat finishes.



Thunderbird LT & Thunderbird Commander Spacers:    1.75″ D X 1.25″+- H; Polished finish, includes bolts

All Other spacers