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Run for the Son!

cma“Run for the Son” is CMA’s only official fund raiser. Each year, on the first Saturday in May, CMA chapters from around the globe gather, ride and pray for the nation, the motorcycling community and the hearts of those they encounter every day on the highways and byways. Funds raised in the preceding months are tallied by individual chapters and reported to CMA’s headquarters in Hatfield, Arkansas, USA. None of the monies collected are used in the running of CMA’s daily operations. All funds are divided thus:

20% goes to ‘Missionary Ventures’ Through CMA, M.V. donates transportation to the world’s remote pastors to allow them to provide for needs well beyond their immediate community. Since 1988, M.V has donated over 6,500 bicycles, 5,700 motorcycles, and many more horses, boats, snowmobiles and even a camel to pastors; allowing them to reach far more people with the Gospel.

20% goes to ‘Open Doors’. Through CMA, O.D. has provided more than 2.6 million Bibles in hundreds of languages around the world, mostly in “closed countries” such as North Korea, Syria, and other nations hostile to Christianity.

20% goes to The ‘Jesus Film Project’ Through CMA, J.F.P. has helped provide this inspiring film in over 1300 languages; in over 200 countries. It’s estimated that for every dollar raised for J.F.P., ten people see the film and one accepts Christ. To date, that translates to 110 million viewers and 11 million salvations!

In 2016, nearly $900,000 was given to each of the above charities as a direct result of generous donations by people like you; people that just want to make a difference in this broken world.

40% is returned to the states & countries that the funds are raised in. Local monies are used by the area’s chapters for local outreaches. CMA frequently provides water at Rolling Thunder, Laconia, Daytona, Sturgis and countless other regional events, both inside and outside the motorcycling community. CMA chapters are also involved in Christmas toy runs, homeless shelters, hospital visitations and ministering to bikers in need within and without CMA. “We’re there when you need us” isn’t just a slogan. It’s a calling.

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